Title- Destiny

Summary- Years ago Pacey broke Joey's heart. This story is taking you (In this
chapter future) but in the rest of them, past. This chapter is what happened after
everything in the past. Next chapters will tell you everything that led up to this.

Rating- All in all probably R. But most chapters PG to PG13

Paring- Always Pacey and Joey

Warnings- Tears and Joy!

They told me she had a 50/50 percent to live. I was devastated. Even after years of
bickering, bantering, and loving her, I couldn't think of her with only a 50/50
percent chance of living. She was always a fighter and she will always be. All that
was going through my head during the long ride in the car. Only a 50/50 chance. It
was like I was being shot in the stomach twenty thousand times. I just couldn't
handle it.

I drove over to her apartment. I opened the door only to feel the coldness and
abandonness of the place. If she was there, the heat would be on and the shades
up. I walked into the bedroom where Serenity sleeps. I remember painting it a pastel
purplish- red. She nagged me forever because I told her girls always liked girlish
colors. She finally gave up and I got my color for my little angel.

I recollect the time when we had to chose baby names. We had broken up during
the time of her pregnancy and never got back together but we thought it was for
the best if we lived together for the baby.. See, during the process of baby name
picking I wanted the strong short names and she wanted the longer and more
unique names. For a girl, for me, Megan. Her, a name that meant peace. For a boy,
for me, Robert. Her, Samuel. I have to admit I'm awful at picking out names but I
liked what I picked. Too bad she won out.

Seeing the teddy bear on the rocking chair my parents had given her on the day of
Serenity's birth , it reminded me of the stuffed animal I gave her for Christmas along
with an promise ring. The bear was the softest thing anyone had ever touched.
She loved it almost as much as the ring.

But even with one of the happiest memories flashing through my mind all I could
think of was the doctor's words. 50/50 chance

Today was my wedding day. I postponed it. I was at the alter when my best man
walked up and whispered in my ear that Joey and Serenity were in a serious car
crash. I ran out of that church as fast as my feet could carry me.

I hadn't seen or spoke to Joey in a year. So when I saw her as she was leaving for
the emergency room with skin scraped off of her body and blood everywhere, it
wasn't the happiest get-together. My daughter was in serious condition too but
that wasn't life threatening. I am thankful to God with every bone in my body that
my angel is alive.

I exited out of her room and walked into the family room. On the fake mantle is
pictures from long ago and from just a couple months ago from looking at how old
Serenity is. There is one of Joey and I from true love. I remember almost having to
pay the man who took the pictures to actually take one. It was a special occasion, I
recall. Joey had just caught her first fish. And it was BIG. Bigger than the one I had
caught two years before with my father. It was huge. And she was very proud of it

The picture next to the other one was taken minutes after Serenity was born. Joey
just looked radiant in it. Beaming like any first time mother but much prettier.
I was interrupted from my reminiscing when the phone rang. It was as if the people
at the hospital knew I was going over to my former living place. I answered it with
the news of my life.
Okay. That was my beginning. I thought I would bring the future first then the past.
So in the next chapters, it's going to be in the past about how everything led up to
this moment. I hope you like it. It will get much more better then this. Love, Regret,
Happiness, Hurt, Revenge, Tears, Everything that you can think of will be in this. I
would love feedback. So please do. Don't worry, I will continue Assignment : Joey
Potter. I'm just not going to leave that hanging.
Thanks again! Jo

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