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Like Andie and Pacey, Jen
and Henry, Jen and Jack,
Joey and Jack. Jack and
Ethan, and Jack and
Tobey! Get the point?
Pacey and Joey. They
survived in the end. As
they say- TrueLove is
Click here to read all the
trials and crushes of these
two childhood soulmates!
Remember that famous sex pact
they made in season three? Did
you recall all that chemistry?
Read here to discover it all
What can I say? Dawson
loved Jen and Jen loved
Dawson. Was it real? Check
out the stories here and find
out once again
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We all love the two couple
combination but don't we also
like when things get
Okay so Pacey and Joey loves
each other but Dawson stands
in the way. Who will win Joey
This is the place where you can find
all your Dawson's Creek FanFiction!
Okay. Every site must
have a smutty page or
sexy stories. Well,
Hideaway Island is the
place for your perverted

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