Assignment: Joey Potter

Chapter 3
Author's Note- Sorry it took such a long time.
I hope this chapter is better then the last one. It was
pretty bad.

Pacey arrived right on the dot. Dressed in a nice clean
blue shirt and jeans, he knocked on her door. After a
couple brief minutes, she still didn't answer. He began
getting nervous. What if the guy had struck. He banged
on the door again. Still no responds. Even louder Pacey
hit the door. He tried the handle. Miraculously, the door
wasn't locked. He stepped in, calling her name.
"Joey? Are you there? JOEY!!!! You there?"
He started getting worried. Then he heard a small scared
"Pacey? Is that you?"
"Joey! Where are you?"
"In the closet."
Pacey entered the master room which was Joey's room.
He opened a door thinking it was the closet to find out
the door led to the bathroom. There was only one door
left. The closet door.
He quickly opened the door to find a Miss Potter hiding
under her clothes.
"Are you okay?" Her eyes were water soaked aka
because she was crying.
"No. If I tell you will you promise not to tell anyone. No
one soul.?" Pacey nodded.
"For the last 3 weeks I have been getting these phone
calls. I answer and a deep voice says to be scared and
he's going to murder me. Once everyday."
"Did he just call?"
"Yes. He said stay put because you'll only got a little bit
more to live. Oh and not to tell anyone. My own sister
doesn't ever know and I tell her everything. Then when I
heard the door banging and a voice hollering I thought it
was him. I totally forgot you were coming."
Pacey looked into the eyes of the woman beside him. Her
eyes contained tiredness, loneliness, and mostly fear.
"How about we just stay here instead of going out. I can't
make you some coffee if you have some." Pacey
"I would really like that."
Pacey helped her up and she dusted herself off.
"Pacey? Can we not talk about the phone call today? I
don't want to."
"Okay. Then tell me about your family. Got any siblings?"
"That sounds like a wonderful idea. I have one sister. She
has a little girl named Halley. You?"
"4 sisters and one brother."
"Are you the oldest?"
"Nope. Youngest. They all pick on me."
"Oh. I'm the youngest too."
"sucks doesn't it?"
"Yes it does."
They both laughed while Pacey finished making their not
so coffee shop coffee.

3 hours later.
Pacey and Joey were reminiscing on their pasts. First
jobs. First boyfriend/girlfriends. Worst teachers they had
in college. Best friends. What they had wanted to be
when they grew up.
"I always wanted to be an artist. And I got what I
"See I wanted to be a veterinarian but my parents said I
could be a dog groomer."
"Oh. They weren't really that mean were they?"
"Yes they were."
"Ok new subject. Pacey?"
"Well, it's almost ten. I better get going. See you
"Okay. thanks for staying with me."
"Oh. can you do me a favor?"
"Sure anything."
<P>"Call me if that guy calls again. I want to know your
"Yes mother!" Joey joked.

"Yes could I talk to Peters please. This is Pacey Witter."
"Yes on moment" the secretary said through the phone.
"Yeah mike. Pace here,"
"Witter, Did you meet Miss Potter?"
"Yes I did. She told me a guy is after her. The past month
everyday she gets a phone call. He basically says he's
going to kill her."
"That's our David Breath."
"Yeah I know. She's scared to death."
"That's how they all our. But remember Witter you can't
tell her anything. Got it?"
"Yes. He might kill her any day though."
"You have to watch her like a hawk. Never leave her
"She'll get suspicious."
"Then don't let her know your following her."
"Okay boss."
"Bye Witter."
"Yeah Bye."
"Hello?" Joey asked into the phone the next day. She had
just gotten home from her art class with Pacey.
"Josephine. How are you feeling? Are you ready to die?"
A spooky voice creped through from the other line.
"What do you want?"
"You. Dead."
"Because it's fun......... Be prepared Joey......... Death is
approaching fast........... Be prepared."
The line went dead. The guy just hung up on her.
"Damn. Twice in one day." Joey mumbled to herself.
"I better call Pacey." She hadn't told him of the call this
morning at 3 am. But she did promise him.
"Hi Pacey. It's Joey."
"Hey. What's the matter. Your voice sounds scared.....
Did he call again?"
"Hold on I'm coming right over."
"No don't. I'm fine."
"I mean it. All the doors are locked and I'm safe."
"Okay I won't come. What did he say?"
"He called this morning to tell me have a good morning
because you don't have very many left. And he called a
bit ago to ask me how am I feeling. And am I ready to
Joey started crying on the phone.
"It's okay Joey. I'll protect you."
"I'm just so scared. Fear is all around me."
"Joey calm down. Just get something to eat." Pacey said
in a calming voice.
"Maybe I just go take a nap."
"Sounds like a lovely idea. Have a good sleep."
"Pacey. Do you remember Robin who is tracking the
other woman who is being stocked by David Breath?"
"Well, He was doing a great job. He actually fell in love
with the girl. Today, in a ditch, the police found her dead.
Robin was tied to his bed. Now there is only 3 other
women he's tracking down to be killed. Miss Potter, Mrs.
Anderson, and Miss Foster. Keep a good eye out on
Potter, Witter."
"Okay Peters. Just answer me on question. Where did
Miss Claws live?"
"48 miles from your house and 45 from Josephine's."<

To be continued.....................

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