Open- Scene- Dawson is staring into Joey's window-Joey is
sleeping and Dawson
is daydreaming about her while Pacey is walking towards the
unsuspecting Dawson.
Pacey touching Dawson on the shoulder.
Pacey- Hey, Man.
Dawson- (Surprised) Hey, How long have you been watching me?
Pacey-Not long, by the way, what are you doing here?
Dawson- (trying to hide the fact he was watching Joey) Nothing
much, just
trying to decide which flowers look better by Joey's window.
Pacey- (gives looks of disgust by Dawson's lying) Where's the
Dawson- Oh, I guess I left them at my house.
Pacey- (Still disgusted by his lying, sarcastically says) Yeah right
Late afternoon- Joey is babysitting her nephew, Alexander, at her
house while
Pacey and Dawson are studying on Joey's sofa- the toddler is
Joey- Pace, can you hold Alex for a sec?
Pacey- Why?
Joey- I have to get his food ready for dinner, please!
Pacey- All right Potter.
(She forcefully gives Pacey her nephew)
Pacey-You're heavy big guy, in fact you are almost as heavy as your
(Joey, having overheard Pacey's sarcastic comment)
Joey- (now yelling sarcastically) Thanks Pace, another couple
hundred pounds
and he'll look like you.
(Joey smiles)
Pacey- (getting tired of Joey) Potter, Potter, Potter, maybe from
you're last
comment, you can just take your nephew.
(Giving Joey back Alexander)
Dawson- will you two stop fighting for a little while so I can study.
Joey- (sarcastically) You can always go home.
(She's smiling)
Grams House- Jen is cleaning her room.
Jen- Grams', where's my green sweater?
Grams- it's where ever you put it last.
Jen- (sarcastically) Thanks, big help.
Grams- (not knowing Jen was being sarcastic) You're Welcome.
(Jen is remembering where she left it)
Jen- I left it at Dawson's.
Grams- when did you go to Dawson's?
Jen- Last night was movies night and I was wearing it. I'm going to
house. Bye.
Grams- bye, but be home for dinner!
(Jen is leaving Grams house and is walking to the Dawson Leery
household- Jen
knocks on their front door- no one answers- she starts climbing
his ladder.)
Jen- Dawson, anyone home, Dawson, Dawson?
( She finds the note Dawson left for his parents on his bed. It read)
Went to Joey's with Pacey to study
Be back tomorrow
Sleeping over
(Jen put the note down and searched for her sweater)
Joey's Kitchen- where she is making spaghetti for Dawson and
Pacey- Pacey is
trying to help Jo but is mostly getting in the way- Dawson is
attempting to feed
Alexander his food but most of it ends up on the floor.
Joey- Pace, instead of destroying our meal, help Dawson with
feeding Alex,
will you.
Pacey- (annoyed) I'm just trying to help.
Dawson- (talking to Alexander) just one more bite. I know it does
look gross
but it's supposed to be good.
(He starts crying and Joey leaves her cooking station and tends to
her nephew
while motioning Dawson to finish making the spaghetti.)
Joey- Dawson, stir the noodles for five minutes, then drain, then
add sauce,
got it?
Dawson- ( annoyed that Joey doesn't think he knows how to make
spaghetti) got
Pacey- (helplessly) What should I do?
Joey- (screaming over the crying) help Dawson.
Dawson- (trying to sound and act manly) I got it Jo.
Joey- (Getting a headache from the chaos) Fine, Whatever.
To be Continued.................

An Outing To Remember